Create a bar code for a product

This topic shows how to manually create a bar code using the item number M0001 as an example. The demo data company used to create this procedure is USMF.

  1. Go to Product information management > Products > Released products.
  2. In the list, find and select the desired record. For this example, select item number M0001.
  3. On the Action Pane, select Manage inventory.
  4. Select Bar codes.
  5. Select New.
  6. Mark the selected row that is created in the list below.
  7. In the Barcode setup field, enter or select a value.
  8. In the Bar code field, enter or select a value.
  9. In the Bar code field, type a value.
  10. In the Quantity field, enter a number.
  11. Select Save.
  12. Close the page.


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