Data entities - Bank

This article provides a list of the data entities that are available for Bank and cash management.

Available data entities

04.1.001 BANK – Bank setup

Suggested sequence Entity name Area Entity type Dependency Comments
1 Bank transaction type Bank Setup None Define the types of transactions that are made in company bank accounts, such as deposit slips, fees, and interest charges.
2 Bank transaction groups Bank Setup Bank transaction type Define groups of bank transaction types.
3 Bank parameters Bank Setup None Define the legal entity’s Cash and bank management parameters.
4 Payment purpose codes Bank Setup None Define payment purpose codes for the central bank, if it’s required.
5 Customer charge groups Accounts receivable Setup None Define charges groups for customers or vendors.

04.1.002 BANK – Bank accounts

Note: To help guarantee a successful import, you might have to unmap some fields or attributes that are set on the bank account. If these fields haven't all been imported yet, you can add the entities to the Bank setup package.

Suggested sequence Entity name Area Entity type Dependency Comments
6 Bank groups Bank Setup None Define general information about the bank groups that you have accounts in.
7 Bank accounts Bank Setup Bank groups Define bank accounts.
8 Check layout Bank Setup Bank accounts Define the layout of checks for the bank accounts.

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