Extensibility FAQ

Will source code be available after the hard seal?

Yes, source code will be available after the hard seal. It's required for effective implementation and debugging.

How do I contact Microsoft if I have an extensibility request?

There is a special extensibility request form on the Lifecycle Services (LCS) site.

Where can I ask questions about extensibility patterns?

You can gain access to the Operations Extensibility group in Yammer. Operations Extensibility is an active group that has a significant amount of partner engagement. You get access via the Connect site by signing an NDA.

Where can I find documentation about extensibility patterns?

Documentation about extensibility patterns is available on the Extensibility home page.

Where can I get information about extensibility training?

We will announce training sessions in multiple ways. AppSource partners might receive direct invitations for some sessions. We will also announce workshops in the Operations Extensibility Yammer group and other forums.

What is the goal of sealing the application?

The application is being sealed as a step toward reducing upgrade costs in the ecosystem, so that customers can stay current on new releases. Customers can take advantage of new innovations that come from Microsoft and partners.

Extension packages enable better performance at design time, faster build automation, and unit testing. They also provide more efficient distribution and installation of models from independent software vendors (ISVs) and customers across different systems.

What is Microsoft working on to support this move?

There are several areas where the product team is working to improve the extensibility of the product. This work ranges from platform changes that have broad impact to refactored application code that provides additional hook points. For details, see the Operations Extensibility Yammer group and the product release notes.

After the application is sealed, what should customers do in a critical situation if they must make a quick change?

This scenario is very similar to a scenario where a critical bug fix is required, and the same process should be followed. As a required first step, you must create a case for support.

Can I overlayer an ISV solution after the hard seal of the application code?

We recommend that ISVs also seal their models. This step helps achieve the broader goal of reducing upgrade costs.

Will I be able to overlayer an on-premises solution?

On-premises solutions will follow the same patterns as cloud solutions. Therefore, no overlayering of Microsoft code will be supported.

How often will Microsoft provide external updates so that partners can see what extensibility enhancements have been made?

We plan to provide monthly updates of platform and application after Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations release 8.0.