Segmented entry control dialog support

Describes the code pattern to add Segmented Entry controls to dialogs.

The process to add Segmented Entry controls to dialogs has changed. This is an example from Dynamics AX 2012:

DialogField dialogFeeLedgerDimension;
LedgerDimensionAccountController ledgerDimensionAccountController;
dialogFeeLedgerDimension = dialog.addFieldValue(extendedtypestr(LedgerDimensionAccount),feeLedgerDimension,"@SYS119703");
ledgerDimensionAccountController = LedgerDimensionAccountController::constructForDialog(dialogFeeLedgerDimension);

In the current release, this code would be converted to:

DialogField dialogFeeLedgerDimension;
dialogFeeLedgerDimension = SegmentedEntryControlBuild::addToDialog(

For the second parameter, choose the class that satisfies the requirements for your dialog. The options are:

  • LedgerDimensionAccountController
  • LedgerDimensionDefaultAccountController
  • DimensionDynamicAccountController
  • BudgetLedgerDimensionController
  • BudgetPlanningLedgerDimensionController

This is a simple dialog scenario around Segmented Entry. More advanced scenarios include:

  • Binding the dynamic account type.
  • Company selection support.
  • Account structure selection support.

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