Migrate code for an LCS solution

The first step in completing your solution package is to upgrade your code using the best practices in Migrate and Create Finance and Operations Solutions in LCS. After this step is complete, you must run the Customization Analysis report. This report analyzes your customization and extension models, and runs a predefined set of best practice rules.

To generate the Customization Analysis report (CAR), run the following command on a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations development environment.

xppbp.exe -metadata=<local packages folder> -all -model=<ModelName> -xmlLog=C:\BPCheckLogcd.xml -module=<PackageName> -car=<reportlocation>

Here's an example of how this command might look.

xppbp.exe -metadata=C:\Packages -all -model=MyAppSuiteCustomizations -xmlLog=C:\temp\BPCheckLogcd.xml -module=ApplicationSuite -car=c:\temp\CAReport.xlsx

The xppbp.exe file is located in c:\packages\bin or I:\AosService\Packages\LocalDirectory\bin). Any warnings or errors that appear on the Issues tab of the report must be resolved. A copy of the CAR report must be submitted to Microsoft prior to your validation meeting. For more information, see the Finance and Operations Help topic, Customization Analysis Report or refer to the Dynamics Community blog for issues and exceptions.

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