Quick import export

The purpose of Quick import export is to let you import and export with fewer steps.

We added the Quick Import Export feature to let users import or export simple jobs that they want to execute quickly. Ideally this feature is used in scenarios in which a file automatically maps to the system and user does not need to go through advanced mapping or create repeated import or export jobs.

  • This feature supports working with both out-of-the-box and custom entities.

  • You can import from files, and if you are using an ODBC data source, you can select a query to use to define your import.

  • You must have previously defined source data formats for either AX or File, and know where they are located.

  • You do not need to create a processing group to use quick import/export, one will be automatically created by the system when executing the import or export job. You can also choose keep the history of the data imported by the quick import/export.

    Note that Quick import export assumes that you are familiar with the concepts of DIXF.