Download hotfixes from Lifecycle Services

Use this tutorial to download the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations hotfixes from Lifecycle Services (LCS).

This tutorial will guide you through downloading the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics hotfix from Lifecycle services (LCS). This tutorial is a part of the Servicing environments content.

  1. Log in to LCS with your credentials.
  2. Select an environment from the LCS project.
  3. On the Environment page, Monitoring is shown in two sections, X++ updates and Binary updates. The update tiles show the hotfixes that are relevant or required for your environment. For example, if a specific X++ hotfix is already installed on your environment, we will not include that X++ hotfix in the X++ updates.There are two kinds of updates - X++ updates and binary updates. There are two kinds of binary updates - application and platform.
  4. Select one of the update tiles to view the list of available hotfixes that can be used to create a hotfix package for download.
  5. Select the applicable KBs, and then click Add hotfix to package. Add hotfix Note: For X++ updates, if you want to download all available updates at this point, you should click on Select all and then click on Add instead of Add hotfix to package.
  6. Click Download package to download the hotfix package. Download hotfix After you select Download package, the Review and download hotfixes page will open. Use this page to review selected hotfixes, discard the package, return to the hotfix selections, or download the final package. Review and download hotfixes

This tutorial is a part of the Servicing environments content.