Fill Text subpattern

This article provides information about the Fill Text subpattern. This subpattern is used when a single String or StaticText control must stretch to the full width of the container, so that users have more space to enter information.


Fill Text is used when you need a single String or StaticText control to stretch to the full width of the container. This subpattern is typically used for multi-line string controls that require more space for users to enter information.


Fill Text sub-pattern wireframe


High-level structure


String | StaticText

Core components

  • Apply the Fill Text subpattern to the container control.

UX guidelines



Form: FmRental (Notes)

Fill Text sub-pattern example


Typically used by patterns


Frequently asked questions

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Open issues

  • The pattern currently sets the HeightMode property of the control to SizeToAvailable. This can produce very tall string controls if the pattern is used in a SizeToAvailable container. We’re investigating whether this control should use SizeToContent height, or whether it should not set the property at all and should instead let the developer decide the appropriate control height.