New or updated task guides (May 2016)

This article lists the new or updated Task guides that were released to the Microsoft (May 2016 - all languages) APQC Unified Library for Microsoft Dynamics AX. No new Getting Started Library was released.

Task guides in the (May 2016 - all languages) APQC Unified Library for Microsoft Dynamics AX

The (May 2016) APQC Unified Library contains the Task guides that are intended to be used for Help with Microsoft Dynamics AX May 2016 update and the Microsoft Dynamics AX February 2016 release. Localized versions of the Task guides that were released in the (February 2016) APQC Unified Library are available in this library. For more information about how to connect the Help system to a Task guide library, see Get started with Help. Note: An asterisk (</strong>*) next to the title of a Business process modeler (BPM) line indicates that the task guide for that business process was created for Dynamics AX May 2016 update and isn't supported in earlier versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Country/region functionality

BPM line Country/region
Set up OIOUBL electronic invoicing Denmark
EUR-00002 Generate an EU Intrastat declaration Europe
EUR-00002 Transfer transactions to the Intrastat Europe
FR-00004 Update method of payment on customer Europe
Establish customer methods of payment France
FR-00003 NAF codes and Siret numbers France
FR-00004 Approve and post draw bill of exchange France
Configure accelerated depreciation parameters and posting profiles Japan
Configure consolidated invoice parameters and setup for accounts payable Japan
Create an accelerated depreciation document and enter usage data Japan
Create CGU group and cash generating units Japan
Dispose of a fixed asset with reduction entry Japan
MY-00004 Manage vendor Debit note and Credit note for GST Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand

Data access

BPM line Country/region
Configure financial cross-company data sharing Global

Electronic reporting

BPM line Country/region
ER Configure destinations Global
ER Design a configuration for generating reports in OPENXML format Global
ER Generate electronic documents for payments using a format configuration Global
ER Import a configuration from Lifecycle Services Global
</strong>*ER Select service provider Global
ER Upgrade your format by adopting of new base version of that format Global
ER Upload a configuration into Lifecycle Services Global

Human capital management

BPM line Country/region
Distribute a questionnaire using scheduling Global
Set up positions Global

Inventory management

BPM line Country/region
Define default order settings for items Global
Set up prerequisites for nonconformance management Global


BPM line Country/region
Copy co-products from an existing formula Global
Create a BOM line event kanban rule Global
Create a replacement kanban rule Global
Create a withdrawal kanban rule Global
Execute kanban process jobs Global
Schedule a production order Global
Sequence production jobs for process manufacturing Global
Update kanban status Global

Master planning

BPM line Country/region
Create a plan for a site Global
Create a site schedule Global
Monitor a master planning run Global

Organization administration

BPM line Country/region
Create a legal entity Global
Create an organizational hierarchy Global
Set up number sequences on an individual basis Global

Procurement and sourcing

BPM line Country/region
Approve vendors for specific products Global
Create a purchase order Global
Create a request for quotation Global
Enter and compare RFQ bids, and award contracts Global

Product information and configuration

BPM line Country/region
Create a new product Global
Create dimension-based configurations Global
Create predefined product variants Global
Create sales price selection criteria Global
Enter orders for configurable products Global
Set up attribute-based pricing for configurable products Global

Retail and commerce

BPM line Country/region
Assign tasks Global
Configure and run recurrent job to update inventory Global
Cross dock products from receiving warehouse to store Global
Push products from distribution center to store using buyer's push Global


BPM line Country/region
Assign users to security roles Global

Sales tax

BPM line Country/region
Calculate and adjust sales tax on a vendor invoice Global
Create a sales tax payment Global
Create sales tax transactions on documents Global
Set up ledger posting groups for sales tax Global
Set up sales tax authorities Global
Set up sales tax codes Global
Set up sales tax groups and item sales tax groups Global
Set up sales tax reporting codes Global
Set up sales tax settlement periods Global
Set up withholding tax Global
View posted sales tax transactions Global


BPM line Country/region
Create new users Global
Identify and resolve conflicts in segregation of duties Global
Set up segregation of duties Global

Warehouse and transportation

BPM line Country/region
Configure wave processing Global
</strong>*Report as finished to a non-license plate controlled location Global
Set up a min-max replenishment process Global
Set up containerization Global
Set up manual packing Global
Set up transportation constraints for an item Global
</strong>*Set up warehouse work policies Global

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