Create an open-ended question


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Open-ended questions enable respondents to provide their own response. You can control whether that response is a number, decimal, date, comment and so on. This procedure walks through the process of creating a specific type of question, an open-ended question. To begin this procedure, go to Questionnaire > Design > Questions. The demo data company used to create this procedure is USMF.

  1. Click New.
  2. Select a Type to group related questions.
  3. In the list, find and select the desired record.
  4. In the list, click the link in the selected row.
    • Input types of Text, Integer, Real, Date, Time, and Note are used for open-ended questions.
  5. In the Input type field, select an option.
    • An input type of Text or Note is used for an open-ended question.
  6. In the Text field, enter your question.