Access rights of a cost object controller

The Cost control workspace is a central point where managers can view the performance of their cost objects. This workspace lets managers consume Cost accounting data even though they aren't cost accountants. For security reasons, managers should be allowed to see only the Cost accounting data that is related to the specific cost objects that they are responsible for.

There are four unique roles in Cost accounting.

Role name License
Cost accounting manager Activity
Cost accountant Operations
Cost accountant clerk Operations
Cost object controller Team members

This topic explains how to assign the Cost object controller role to a manager.

When the Cost object controller role is assigned to a manager, the manager can perform the following tasks:

  • Access the Cost control workspace (in the client).

    • Drill through and have view access to the pages that support the drill-through experience.
  • Access the Cost control workspace (in the mobile application).


The Cost object controller role doesn't control which cost objects the user can access and view data for. Row-level security is provided via dimension hierarchies and the Access list hierarchy.

Grant access rights

The following example shows what a dimension hierarchy can look like.

Dimension hierarchy details

Dimension hierarchy name Dimension Dimension hierarchy type name Access list hierarchy
Organization Cost centers Dimension classification hierarchy Yes

You can use the Users FastTab in the hierarchy designer to insert one or more user IDs on each node.

Users Dimension member ranges
Nodes User ID From dimension member To dimension member
Organization Benjamin, Claire
  Admin April
    Finance Alicia CC002 CC003
CC007 CC007
    HR Arnie CC001 CC001
  Production David
    Packaging Ellen CC005 CC005
    Assembly Chris CC006 CC006


Cost accountants should be assigned to the top level of the hierarchy, so that they can see all entries in Cost accounting.

Before the Access list hierarchy and its security settings can be applied, the Enable view access for cost object dimension members option must be set to Yes on the General tab of the Cost accounting parameters page (Cost accounting > Setup > Parameters).

The settings for the Access list hierarchy are used to control the data that is shown in following areas:

  • Cost control workspace (in the client):

    • Data on the pages that are used for drill-through
  • Cost control workspace (in the mobile application):

    • Balances in cards
  • Microsoft Power BI:

    • Data that is shown in Power BI visualizations
    • Data Power BI visualizations that are embedded in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, client


  • Before the Access list hierarchy can affect data in Power BI, the Access list hierarchy and row-level security in Power BI must be paired. For more information, see Set up security for Cost accounting content pack.
  • This topic shows the prerequisites that must be in place before you can use the Cost control workspace.

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