Print checks by using the Spanish layout

This topic provides information about how to print checks that follow the standards that are required in Spain.

To use the checks functionality together with the Spanish layout, you should consider the following settings:

  • To apply the correct grammar to the literal (text) amount, you must select the correct gender for the currency on the Currencies page. For example, select Masculine for euro (EUR) and Feminine for British pound (GBP).
  • For the method of payment, use the Check export file format.
  • For the bank account, use Spanish check layout in the Check layout section of the Bank account page (Setup > Layout > Check). Additionally, set the Other currencies field to Yes.

To generate the checks by using the Spanish layout, basic Payment journal (vendors) functionality is used. For more information, see Vendor payment overview (Task guide). After you run the Generate payments function and select all required parameters as described in this topic, the checks are generated. If the currency on the payment journal line differs from the currency of the bank account, you can still generate a check if the check layout is set up to use other currencies.