NAF codes and siret numbers

This topic explains the purpose and usage of Nomenclature des Activités Françaises (NAF) codes and Siret numbers in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

NAF codes

You can create NAF codes, and then set up NAF codes for legal entities, customers, vendors, and prospects. You can use an NAF code to identify the business of an enterprise. For instance, if your legal entity manufactures computers, the NAF code for your legal entity may be 300C, which is the NAF code for manufacturing computers and other computer hardware. If your legal entity is involved in building houses, your NAF code may be 452A.

Siret numbers

You can set up Siret numbers for customers, vendors, and prospects. The Siret is a 14-digit number that identifies a business, a branch of the business, and a person who is associated with the business activity. You can use the Siret number to verify that an enterprise is correctly registered and authorized to do business with you. If an enterprise has multiple branches at various locations, you must set up a Siret number for each location.