Correction notes

This topic provides information about correction notes. A correction note is a document that is required by local regulations in Poland. It's used to correct errors on a vendor invoice.

If a vendor issues a sales document to a company, but makes a mistake about the company’s address or value-added tax (VAT) identification number, local regulations in Poland require that the company issue a correction note to the vendor. A correction note contains both the original text and the corrected text. You can create, post, and print a correction note from the Correction notes journal. The following fields are available on the Correction notes journal.

Field Description
Show Select which correction note documents to show, based on their posting status.
Invoice account Select the vendor account number for the corrected invoice.
Invoice Select the invoice ID for the invoice that must be corrected.
Date The invoice transaction date.
Correction note Enter a unique identification number for the correction note. If a number sequence code is set up for references to correction notes, the correction note number is automatically generated. Number sequences can be set up on the Accounts payable parameters page.
Document date Enter a date for the correction note. If you don't specify a document date, the current date is used as the posting date.
Posted A selected option indicates that the selected correction note has been posted.
Original text Enter the original text from the invoice that must be corrected.
Corrected text Enter the correct text for the invoice.