Inquire on asset retirement obligation-related transactions (Japan)


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For Japan, transactions and amounts of asset retirement obligations (ARO) need to be reported separately from the underlying fixed assets.

Use this task to learn how to view the ARO-specific amounts and transactions.

In order to complete this task, the Fixed Assets configuration key must be selected.

This task uses the JPMF demo company data.

View ARO transaction

  1. Go to Fixed assets > Asset retirement obligations > Asset retirement obligation transaction inquiry.
    • ARO-related transactions are categorized into types for summarization.

Explore ARO

  1. Click to follow the link in the Fixed asset number field.
    • You also can find the fixed asset number and open it from the Fixed assets page.
  2. On the Action Pane, click Fixed asset.
  3. Click Asset retirement obligation.
  4. Click Explore.
    • The tabs display the Planned amount, Posted (actual) amount and Difference respectively.
  5. Expand or collapse the Posted amount section.
  6. Expand or collapse the Difference section.