Maintain planned orders

This topic provides information about how to manage planned orders. It describes how you can update the status of planned orders, firm them, and filter for planned orders that have the same status as a selected planned order.

You can manage planned orders from the Master planning workspace, the Planned order list, or the Planned production orders, Planned purchase orders, and Planned transfer lists. You can use the Status field to help track your progress. The following values are used:

  • When master planning generates planned orders, the planned orders have a status of Unprocessed.
  • If you decide not to firm a planned order, you can give it a status of Completed.
  • When you decide to firm a planned order, you can give it a status of Approved. This status indicates that you approve firming of the planned order, but it isn't firmed yet.

Note: An approved planned order is transferred, in its current state, to the next master planning calculation. You can firm planned orders by clicking Firm. You can firm the following planned orders:

  • The planned order that is selected.
  • Multiple planned orders.
  • Planned orders that are generated by an explosion from the Explosion page. Click Planned orders, select the planned order, and then click Firm.

When a planned order is firmed, it's moved to the orders section of the relevant module.

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