Use tracing for explosion

This article explains how you can use tracing to explore the causes behind the outcome of an order explosion.

By enabling tracing, you can view information about the factors that contributed to the outcome of the explosion of a particular order. The following examples show how you can use the tracing information:

  • View relations between the actions on planned orders to optimize the supply chain and inventory reservations.
  • View relations to orders that are already approved. You can focus on automatically firming derived requirements and then prioritize orders more accurately.
  • Simulate planning results to determine whether the planning parameters are optimal.
  • Identify how information such as production dates, quantities, and priorities for an order were determined.

You can view details about futures and actions for a selected order. On the Explosion page, tracing information is available on the Explanation tab in the upper pane. Tracing occurs when you explode an order. To start tracing for the order, click Update, and then select the Enable trace check box. You can use the Find text field to search the log for specific information. Search results are highlighted in the tree.

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