Production feedback

This article provides information about production feedback, which gives workers feedback about production jobs. The article includes information about the various ways that production feedback can be updated.

Production feedback gives workers feedback about production jobs. It records time and material consumption on production orders, operation quantities and status, and errors that cause a job or operation to fail. Production feedback can be updated in journals that are related to production orders. The Production job card and Production route card journals are used to report time and quantities per job or operation. For reporting about the last job or operation, quantities on the finished product can be reported as finished. Production feedback can also be updated on the Job card terminal and Job card device pages. These pages enable production feedback to be updated on the shop floor and are part of the manufacturing execution functionality in the Production control module. The Job card terminal page has a configurable user interface that shows a list of the released jobs in a prioritized order for a selected work area. It also offers advanced options such as job bundling and team work. The Job card device page has a touch-optimized user interface. Production feedback on both pages is updated from the production journals.