FindIEFrame in Unified Service Desk

<FindIEFrame> tag searches for an application by its caption and selects a DOM of the window or a specific frame within a window. An example is a pop-up window. This tag can explore the pop-up window regardless of how it stands in relation to the hosted web application. This topic describes the attributes of <FindIEFrame>

<FindIEFrame> syntax

The following code snippet shows how <FindIEFrame> is used:

<FindIEFrame> [matchtype="equals|startswith|endswith|contains"] [match="n"][relaxProcessIdRestriction="true|false"] >  
text to match against window caption  

Attributes of <FindIEFrame>

The following table describes the optional attributes of the <FindIEFrame> tag.

Element Description
matchtype Specifies how the caption should be matched. Possible values are equals, startswith, endswith, or contains. Any other value will throw an exception.
match Selects the nth frame matching the specification. Default: 1.
relaxProcessIdRestriction Searches for a matching window/frame within the same process of the hosted application (False) or searches over all processes (True).

The following sample code shows the bindings for the control named PopupWindowText. The control is the text in an HTML pop-up window; in this case, it is the pop-up window in the Sample Web Application.

<HtmlElement name="PopupWindowText" type="HtmlElement">  
<FindIEFrame>http://uiiserver1/Microsoft.Cti.Samples.DemoWebApplication/popup1.htm - Windows Internet Explorer</FindIEFrame>  

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