(RUS) About Russian purchase and sales agreements

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

A purchase agreement or sales agreement is a contract that commits a customer to buying a specified quantity of items from a seller by using multiple purchase orders over time. In exchange for this commitment, the customer may receive special prices and discounts on the items that are purchased. The contract can include details such as a specific quantity of an item, a specific price for an item, or a specific price for the items in a procurement category. The prices and discounts of the purchase agreement can override the prices and discounts that are specified in any trade agreements that may exist. For more information, see About sales agreements and About purchase agreements.

It is necessary to specify the participants, the start date of the contract term, the subject of the contract, and the contract number as mandatory details when you register a contract.

Purchase agreements and sales agreements are modeled as agreement documents that are maintained independently by the selling and buying entities, as required by their purchase and sales policies. These agreements cover products for a specified quantity, and the sale and purchase of products or categories of products. To conform to the guidelines for sales agreements and purchase agreements, you can perform the following procedures in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2:

  • Specify contract or agreement details in general journals and transfer orders.

  • Enter financial dimension details that are used when you register and settle agreements.

  • Settle customer or vendor transactions per contract.

  • Generate reports for sales and purchase agreements.

  • Register the agreement, and specify the financial parameters of an agreement. These parameters can include the participants in the contract, the contract term, the contract sum, or the methods of payment. The parameters that you specify define the attributes of documents that are associated with the contract.

  • Include contract details in printable documents, such as invoices, payment orders, or payment invoices.

  • Periodically cross-check contract details with the participants, and generate an act of reconciliation with a counteragent, if applicable.

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