Attribute-based pricing data (form)

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2

Click Procurement and sourcing > Setup > Price/discount > Attribute-based pricing details.


Click Product information management > Common > Released products. On the Purchase tab, in the Trade agreements group, click Create trade agreements. In the Price/discount agreement journals form, enter the required details, and then click Lines. In the Journal lines, price/discount agreement form, click Attribute-based pricing details.

Use this form to create formulas for pricing equations that are used to calculate the purchase prices for specified items. For each such equation, you can select equation elements, or variables, that are used in the equation to modify the purchase price of a specified potency item. You can also assign advance pricing identifiers to purchase price trade agreements.

Task that uses this form

Set up an attribute-based pricing formula for a potency item

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.





Add equation elements and the corresponding batch attribute values for the specified potency item.


Define the advance pricing formula equation. The advance pricing formula should incorporate the following elements:

  • Binary operator symbols, such as +, –, *, and /

  • Predefined components, such as price, attribute, and received quantity




Add variable

Add one or more variables for the specified equation element.

Validate equation

Verify that the specified advance pricing formula is accurately configured and contains all the necessary elements and variables.




Attribute-based pricing ID

Enter the identifier (ID) for the pricing calculation formula that is used to calculate the price of purchased material.


Enter the name of the specified advance pricing formula.


Use a name that is descriptive of the specified ingredient, such as Raw Milk Class II Formula.


Description for the advance pricing formula.

Equation element

Select the equation element that identifies a specified set of corresponding values that are used in the equation.

Equation element type

Select one of the following options for the type of equation element you want to use for the calculation:

  • Purchase receipt quantity ─ The received quantity of the specified potency item.

  • Purchase price ─ The purchase price of the specified potency item.

  • Batch attribute – Actual ─ The actual potency percentage for a specified batch of inventory items.

  • Batch attribute – Target ─ The target potency percentage for a specified batch of inventory items.

  • Constant – The standard potency percentage for a specified batch of inventory items.


Select the batch attribute value for the specified equation element.


This field is available only if you have selected Batch attribute – Actual or Batch attribute – Target in the Equation element type field.


Enter the constant value or quantity for the specified calculation.


Enter the advanced pricing formula equation. When this equation is validated, the purchase price of the specified material is calculated.

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