CoreEventId CoreEventId Enum


Values that are used as the eventId when logging messages from the core Entity Framework components.

public enum CoreEventId
Public Enum CoreEventId


CompilingQueryModel CompilingQueryModel

A LINQ query is being compiled.

DatabaseError DatabaseError

An error occurred while accessing the database.

IncludeIgnoredWarning IncludeIgnoredWarning

A query specified an Include operation that was ignored because the included navigation was not reachable in the final query result.

IncludingNavigation IncludingNavigation

A navigation property that was included in a LINQ query is being processed.

ModelValidationWarning ModelValidationWarning

A warning during model validation.

OptimizedQueryModel OptimizedQueryModel

An object model representing a LINQ query was optimized.

QueryPlan QueryPlan

An execution expression was calculated by compiling a LINQ query.

SensitiveDataLoggingEnabledWarning SensitiveDataLoggingEnabledWarning

A warning that sensitive data logging is enabled.