IDbContextOptionsBuilderInfrastructure IDbContextOptionsBuilderInfrastructure Interface


Explicitly implemented by DbContextOptionsBuilder to hide methods that are used by database provider extension methods but not intended to be called by application developers.

This interface is typically used by database providers (and other extensions). It is generally not used in application code.

public interface IDbContextOptionsBuilderInfrastructure
Public Interface IDbContextOptionsBuilderInfrastructure


AddOrUpdateExtension(TExtension) AddOrUpdateExtension(Of TExtension)(TExtension)

Adds the given extension to the options. If an existing extension of the same type already exists, it will be replaced.

This property is intended for use by extension methods to configure the context. It is not intended to be used in application code.

void AddOrUpdateExtension<TExtension>(TExtension extension)where TExtension : class, IDbContextOptionsExtension
Sub AddOrUpdateExtension(Of TExtension As {Class, IDbContextOptionsExtension})(extension As TExtension)
Type Parameters

The type of extension to be added.

TExtension TExtension

The extension to be added.