SqliteDesignEventId SqliteDesignEventId Enum


Values that are used as the eventId when logging messages from the SQLite Design Entity Framework Core components.

public enum SqliteDesignEventId
Public Enum SqliteDesignEventId


ColumnNameEmptyOnIndex ColumnNameEmptyOnIndex

Column name empty on index.

FoundColumn FoundColumn

Found column.

FoundForeignKeyColumn FoundForeignKeyColumn

Found foreign key column.

FoundIndex FoundIndex

Found index.

FoundIndexColumn FoundIndexColumn

Found index column.

FoundTable FoundTable

Found table.

PrincipalColumnNotFound PrincipalColumnNotFound

Principal column not found.

PrincipalTableNotFound PrincipalTableNotFound

Principal table not found.

TableNotInSelectionSet TableNotInSelectionSet

Table not in selection set.

UsingSchemaSelectionsWarning UsingSchemaSelectionsWarning

Using schema selections warning.