MutablePropertyExtensions MutablePropertyExtensions Class


Extension methods for IMutableProperty.

public static class MutablePropertyExtensions
Public Module MutablePropertyExtensions


System.Object.Equals(System.Object) System.Object.Equals(System.Object) Inherited from System.Object
System.Object.Equals(System.Object, System.Object) System.Object.Equals(System.Object, System.Object) Inherited from System.Object
GetContainingForeignKeys(IMutableProperty) GetContainingForeignKeys(IMutableProperty)

Gets all foreign keys that use this property (including composite foreign keys in which this property is included).

GetContainingKeys(IMutableProperty) GetContainingKeys(IMutableProperty)

Gets all primary or alternate keys that use this property (including composite keys in which this property is included).

GetContainingPrimaryKey(IMutableProperty) GetContainingPrimaryKey(IMutableProperty)

Gets the primary key that uses this property (including a composite primary key in which this property is included).

System.Object.GetHashCode() System.Object.GetHashCode() Inherited from System.Object
System.Object.GetType() System.Object.GetType() Inherited from System.Object
IsUnicode(IMutableProperty, Nullable<Boolean>) IsUnicode(IMutableProperty, Nullable(Of Boolean))

Sets a value indicating whether or not this property can persist unicode characters.

System.Object.MemberwiseClone() System.Object.MemberwiseClone() Inherited from System.Object
System.Object.ReferenceEquals(System.Object, System.Object) System.Object.ReferenceEquals(System.Object, System.Object) Inherited from System.Object
SetMaxLength(IMutableProperty, Nullable<Int32>) SetMaxLength(IMutableProperty, Nullable(Of Int32))

Sets the maximum length of data that is allowed in this property. For example, if the property is a System.String ' then this is the maximum number of characters.

SetValueGeneratorFactory(IMutableProperty, Func<IProperty, IEntityType, ValueGenerator>) SetValueGeneratorFactory(IMutableProperty, Func(Of IProperty, IEntityType, ValueGenerator))

Sets the factory to use for generating values for this property, or null to clear any previously set factory.

Setting null does not disable value generation for this property, it just clears any generator explicitly configured for this property. The database provider may still have a value generator for the property type.

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