IValueGeneratorCache IValueGeneratorCache Interface


Keeps a cache of value generators for properties.

This type is typically used by database providers (and other extensions). It is generally not used in application code.

public interface IValueGeneratorCache
Public Interface IValueGeneratorCache


GetOrAdd(IProperty, IEntityType, Func) GetOrAdd(IProperty, IEntityType, Func(Of IProperty, IEntityType, ValueGenerator))

Gets the existing value generator from the cache, or creates a new one if one is not present in the cache.

ValueGenerator GetOrAdd(IProperty property, IEntityType entityType, Func<IProperty, IEntityType, ValueGenerator> factory)
Function GetOrAdd(property As IProperty, entityType As IEntityType, factory As Func(Of IProperty, IEntityType, ValueGenerator)) As ValueGenerator
IProperty IProperty

The property to get the value generator for.

IEntityType IEntityType

The entity type that the value generator will be used for. When called on inherited properties on derived entity types, this entity type may be different from the declared entity type on property

System.Func<IProperty, IEntityType, ValueGenerator> System.Func(Of IProperty, IEntityType, ValueGenerator)

Factory to create a new value generator if one is not present in the cache.


The existing or newly created value generator.