Azure Advanced Threat Protection Security Government service description

How to use this service description

The Azure ATP US Government Service Description is designed to serve as an overview of the service offering in the GCC High environment and will cover feature variations from the commercial offering.
For more information on Azure ATP for GCC customers, please see the description of EMS for US Office 365 GCC customers.

Getting started with Azure ATP for US Government GCC High

The Azure ATP GCC High offering is built on the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud and is designed to inter-operate with Office 365 GCC High. Full details on the service and how to use it can be found in the Azure ATP public documentation. The public documentation should be use as a starting point for deploying and operating the service and the following Service Description details and changes from functionality or features in the GCC High environment.

To get started, utilize the Azure ATP quickstart guides, including the Create your Azure ATP instance page for access to the Azure ATP GCC High portal, and ensure you have connectivity to the relevant Azure ATP cloud service endpoints to Install the Azure ATP sensor. Follow the additional steps in the How-to guides for other detailed instructions.

Feature variations in Azure ATP GCC High

Unless otherwise specified, new feature releases, including preview features, documented in What’s new with Azure ATP, will be available in GCC High within three weeks of release in the Azure ATP commercial environment. Preview features may not be supported in the GCC High environment. Only specific feature variances for generally available features from the commercial offering are noted below.


The following integrations are not available:

  • Integration with Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (Microsoft Defender ATP)
  • VPN integration, offering the ability to collect accounting information from VPN solutions

Next steps

To learn more about Azure ATP and explore how to get started see, Azure ATP public documentation.