Welcome & Keynotes Day 3

with Bruno Souza, Bruno Borges, Mala Gupta

Thanks for being here! Join host Bruno Borges for the event's opening, followed by two keynotes.

Communities and You

Mala Gupta

Java has a vibrant worldwide community. The community is not just about broadening your horizon, networking with other professionals, learning from each other, or giving back to the Java ecosystem. It is also about you – who you are, and self-reflecting on your values, how you perceive your life and that of others, and much more.

Let me share some stories with you.

Be the Leader of Your Developer Career

Bruno Souza

Leadership is not about knowing the way; it's about taking responsibility to find the path. Whether you are formally tasked with leading a team or just want people to trust your judgment, being a true leader will push your career forward and get you onto a path to success. This interactive conversation will answer your questions and help you get the leadership skills you need. Lead and forge your path for a fulfilling career.

Get "The Best Developer Year" Book for free during this session and apply the 4 steps to take action and get your career under control.