Welcome & Keynotes: Microsoft, Java and you!

with Martijn Verburg, George Adams

Join us as we welcome you to Day 2 of JDConf with host Bruno Borges. Keynotes to follow by George Adams and Martijn Verburg.

What a year it has been for Microsoft and the Java Ecosystem! In this keynote George Adams and Martijn Verburg will take you through the highlights of Microsoft's internal and external Java investments and how they impact you as a Java developer and decision maker! In particular we'll cover what Microsoft has been up to since its acquisition of jClarity last year and the subsequent formation of its very own Java Engineering Group. You'll get behind the scenes insights into our thinking with regards to Microsoft giving back to the ecosystem, through OpenJDK (such as the Windows Arm port!), AdoptOpenJDK (bringing you free Java for life!) and launching Java developer friendly services (Azure Spring Cloud to name but one). You'll also hear about how much Microsoft depends on Java and its popularity within the company. If you've always been curious about what goes on behind the scenes at a major cloud player like Microsoft, then this is the session you'll want to tune into.