Streamline & Simplify Events with Reactive Extensions

with Shane Neuville

Everything in a mobile application is a data feed. Users will make and cancel requests, servers will go down, geolocation data is constantly coming in, and none of this happens in a reliable way. These streams of data can be unpredictable and managing them in a reliable way can be a nightmare. Reactive extensions is a set of imperative programming tools that simplifies putting all of these feeds together in a reliable and resilient way. You'll never have to think about async/sync or the difficulties of concurrency ever again. In this session, we'll look at using reactive extensions and companion toolkits to manage MVVM, caching, navigation, data management, and overall application reliability.

This session was recorded live at the Xamarin Developer Summit: July 11th-12th 2019 in Houston, TX.  The Xamarin Developer Summit is a premiere community-run, cross-platform, mobile developer conference, to learn more head to