Run reports for voice mail calls in Exchange Online

Unified Messaging (UM) call reports provide information about the calls forwarded to or placed by UM. Use these reports to monitor, troubleshoot, and report on UM for your organization. You can access Unified Messaging call statistic reports by using the Call Statistics tool and access call logs for UM-enabled users by using the User Call Logs tool.

The reports provide aggregated statistical information about calls for Exchange servers and calls for UM-enabled users in your organization. These reports:

  • Give on-premises, hybrid, and online administrators the ability to gather statistics about the UM services and UM-enabled users in their organizations.

  • Provide summaries from the data that's gathered. This data can be stored for 90 days and archived for up to two years to meet retention requirements.

  • Verify the overall audio quality for incoming calls to Exchange servers that are deployed.

  • Easily verify the availability of the voice mail system and UM services in the organization for a given period of time.

  • Plan for Unified Messaging capacity for an on-premises or hybrid organization.

  • Verify how UM services in an organization are used over a given period of time.

You can use the following topics to help you gather call statistics and reports and interpret those results to monitor and troubleshoot UM services in your organization: