Limits and configuration in Microsoft Flow

This topic contains information about the current limits and configuration details for flows.

Request limits

These are limits for a single outgoing request.


Name Limit
Request Timeout for synchronous calls 120 Seconds
Request Timeout for Async calls Configurable. Max is 30 days.

Message size

Name Limit Notes
Message size 100 MB Not all APIs support the full 100MB.
Expression evaluation limit 131,072 characters @concat(), @base64(), string can't exceed this limit.

Retry policy

Name Limit
Retry attempts 90 The default is 4. To change the default use action settings
Retry max delay 1 day
Retry min delay 5 seconds

Run duration and retention

These are the limits for a single flow run.

Name Limit Notes
Run duration 30 days Includes workflows with pending steps like approvals. After 30 days, any pending steps time-out. Timed-out approvals are removed from the approvals center. If someone attemps to approve a timed-out request, they’ll receive an error message.
Storage retention 30 days This is from the run start time.
Min recurrence interval 1 minute
Max recurrence interval 500 days
Max run history retention 28 days, per GDPR rules.

Looping and debatching limits

These are limits for a single flow run.

Name Limit Notes
Apply to each items 100,000 100,000 is only available for the premium plans. Otherwise, you are limited to 5,000. You can use the filter action to filter larger arrays as needed.
Until iterations 5,000
SplitOn items 100,000 Like Apply to each, the limit is 5,000 unless you are on a premium plan.
Apply to each Parallelism 50 By default, loops run in sequence (essentially, parallelism is 1). You can configure up to 50 in parallel.
Actions executions per 5 minutes 100,000 Also, you can distribute a workload across more than one flow as needed.
Actions concurrent outgoing calls ~2,500 Reduce the number of concurrent requests or reduce the duration as needed.

Definition limits

These are limits for a single flow.

Name Limit Notes
Actions per workflow 250 You can add nested workflows to extend this as needed.
Allowed action nesting depth 5 You can add nested workflows to extend this as needed.
Max characters per expression 8,192
action/trigger name limit 80
description length limit 256

SharePoint limits

There are limitations on how you can use Microsoft SharePoint with Microsoft Flow and PowerApps.

IP address configuration

The IP address from which Microsoft Flow requests are sent depends on the region where the environment that contains the flow is located. We don't currently publish FQDNs available for flow scenarios.

Logic Apps

Calls made from a flow go directly through the Azure Logic App service. Some examples of these calls include HTTP or HTTP + OpenAPI. Please reference the Logic apps documentation for which IP addresses are used by that service.


Calls made from a connector in a flow (for example, the SQL API or the SharePoint API) will come from the IP addresses listed here:

Region Outbound IP
Asia Pacific -, -,,,,,,,,,,,,
Australia -,, -,,,,,,,,,,,
Canada -, -,, -,,,,,,,,,,,
Europe -,, -,,,,,,,,,,,,
India -,, -,, -,,,,,,,,,,,
Japan -,, -,,,,,,,,,,,
South America -, -,,
United Kingdom -,, -,
United States -,, -,, -,, -,, -,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Preview (United States) -,, -,,,,,,,,,,,

For example, if you must authorize IP addresses for your Azure SQL database, you should use these addresses.

Required services

The following table lists the services to which Microsoft Flow connects. Ensure none of these services are blocked on your network.

Domains Protocols Uses https Access to the Azure Resource Manager.
https Access to Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL).
https Access to Azure AD Graph API - for getting user information such as a profile photo.
* https Access to the Runtime for Connectors.
* https Access to the Microsoft Flow site.
* https Access to the PowerApps site.
* https Access to the Microsoft Flow CDN. https Access to NPS (Net Promoter Score).