Analyze survey responses

A survey response record is created after a respondent submits a survey. To see survey responses, go to Responses > Overview, and then select Responses from the summary information.

Survey responses

The following survey response statistics are displayed in a summary pane at the top of the page, and the list of survey responses received for a survey is displayed below the statistics in the grid format.

  • Average completion time: Average time taken by a respondent, from opening a survey to submitting the survey.

  • Response ratio: Ratio of closed invitations to the total number of invitations.

  • Responses trend: Number of survey responses received per day.

  • NPS distribution: Distribution of the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which shows the number of promoters, detractors, and passive supporters.

Survey responses details

Filter responses

You can filter the responses by using the following:

  • Pre-defined filters: Use the Tracked and Anonymous filters to filter the responses.
  • Date range: Select 30 days, 90 days, or a custom date range.
  • Respondent's name or email address: Enter the respondent's name or email address in the search box.

View response details

To view details of a survey response, double-click the response in the grid.

You'll see the time taken by the respondent to complete the survey, NPS type, and sentiment. The response to each question in the survey is also displayed on the details page.

View details of the selected response

Export survey responses

You can export a single survey response or multiple survey responses to Microsoft Excel. To export survey responses, select the responses, and then select Export in the Response details section.

Each question in your survey is a column, and each response becomes a row in the Excel workbook.

Export survey responses

Delete survey responses

You can delete a single survey response or multiple survey responses from Forms, Common Data Service, and the insights store. To delete survey responses, select the required responses, and then select Delete in the Response details section. Select Delete in the confirmation message.

Delete survey responses

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