Adding a reference to the NuGet package

You will need to add a reference to the Microsoft.Gaming.XboxGameBar NuGet package to start adding Game Bar support to your UWP XAML app.

Updating your NuGet packages

  1. Right click your project in solution explorer and select "Manage NuGet packages"

  2. In the upper right corner click the gear icon to bring up NuGet package source settings.

  3. By default is listed as a package source. If it has been removed it is necessary to add it.

  4. In the NuGet package manager, select the "Browse" tab

  5. Search for "XboxGameBar"

  6. You should see Microsoft.Gaming.XboxGameBar in the result list. Select it and click Install.

After installing adding the reference to the XboxGameBar package you are now able to utilize the functionality it provides.