A/B testing quickstart

This quickstart explains how to create A/B tests with player buckets.

A/B tests allow you to use the buckets as Player Segments. Unlike player segments, however, A/B buckets distribute players randomly. The buckets defined for these tests may then be used in some of the features, where you would normally use player segments.

For an example of this, see our tutorial A/B Testing with Stores and A/B Test Buckets.

Creating an A/B test

A/B tests are created through the PlayFab Game Manager. Open your Title page:

  1. Select Automation from the left-hand menu.

  2. Move to the A/B Testing tab.

  3. Select the NEW A/B TEST button. The New A/B Test dialog appears.

  4. Fill in the A/B Test Name.

  5. Set the number of buckets for your player groups.

  6. Name each Bucket you define and select a percentage of Players that belong to the Bucket.

  7. Select the SAVE A/B TEST button to submit the test.

The workflow is illustrated in the following picture.

Game Manager - Automation - A/B Testing - New A/B Test

The A/B Testing page will open and a newly created Test will appear in the list (shown below).

Game Manager - Automation - A/B Testing - List A/B Tests

To dive deeper into A/B testing, read the following tutorials: