PlayFab items

Items and inventories are common mechanisms that you can use to add customization and depth to your game. Defining and tracking items in PlayFab gives you top-notch analytics and LiveOps support for your in-game catalog.

Key concepts

  • Catalog - Catalogs offer an easy way to manage your game's virtual items. They are listings of every item available in your game.
  • Catalog Items – PlayFab Items can represent just about any type of virtual goods that you might use, from Durables to Bundles to Locked containers.
  • Player Inventory - All player accounts have an inventory. The inventory contains all of the owned Item Instances as well as the item history to-date.
  • Virtual Currency - PlayFab offers up to 10 virtual currencies per title. Currencies can be used to purchase Items from the Catalog or a Store, represent soft currency converted from In App Purchases, or be used as a mechanic to drive gameplay.

PlayFab provides a large interactive playing field for interaction with items and inventory, and the Item definition in the Catalog allows for quite a bit of customization. However, most common interactions are through just a few key APIs:

  • PurchaseItem - Buys a single catalog item with virtual currency, subtracting the currency and adding an Item Instance into the Player/Character Inventory.
  • GetCharacterInventory and GetUserInventory – These APIs retrieve the specified Character or the player’s current Inventory of virtual goods.