Builds overview page

This article describes the Builds overview page for Multiplayer Servers in Game Manager.

From the Builds page, you can view summary information and edit shared settings for your servers. This includes:

  • A broad overview of your build settings and their overrides
  • Access to managing components shared across builds such as assets and aliases
  • View complimentary services available to the build.

PlayFab Multiplayer Server build overview

Build aliases

To access your aliases, select Manage on the Aliases card at the top of the Builds overview page. The manage aliases page allows you to:

  • Create new build aliases
  • View details of aliases
  • Edit and delete aliases

Title assets

To access assets select on the Manage button on the Assets card to navigate to the Manage Assets page.

The Manage Assets page allows you to view and manage your title's assets. This includes:

  • Uploading new assets
  • Viewiewing assets associated with a build
  • Viewiewing assets unassociated with a build Both assets associated and unassociated with a build may be downloaded to a local disk. Only assets unassociated with a build can be selected for deletion.

Services summary

PlayFab Multiplayer Server services summary Under the Services summary you can view your current cost, amount of free compute hour remaining, and free network egress you have left for the month. For more information on billing, select the “View billing summary” on the page. For an expanded view, select "More details".

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