Testing and Releasing

You can publish a game to a private sandbox for testing, or to the public on the Xbox Managed Partners Store.

To publish a game for testing or public release, first complete the Getting Started steps so that your game can do basic sign-in to Xbox Live.

In this section

Article Description
Xbox Live resources, sites, and downloads Download resources for Xbox Live development, such as tools and API Reference.
Configuring Xbox Live services Configuring Xbox Live services to support various features for your game.
Sandboxes Sandboxes are for testing and publishing in an isolated environment.
Test accounts Creating accounts for testing your Xbox Live-enabled game during development.
Testing on the Xbox One console Testing Xbox Live services on the Xbox One console.
Troubleshooting Xbox Live Troubleshooting Xbox Live development, such as by logging responses, checking the dev PC setup, checking the sign-in sandbox, and logging calls.
Services and APIs Using services to analyze Xbox Live activity.
Tools for Xbox Live Tools to help develop and test an Xbox Live-enabled title.

See also

Article Description
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