Testing on the Xbox One console

When developing your title for the Xbox One family of consoles, you should test your title and Xbox Live features on an actual console. There are a few options for testing your title on hardware:

  • You can use any retail Xbox One Console to test a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) title or app by activating the console's developer mode. This option is accessible to all developers and is the only option for Xbox Live Creators Program Developers.

  • Managed Partners can also order and use an Xbox Development Kit.

Retail console testing: Xbox Live Creators

Activating developer mode on an Xbox One retail console allows you to deploy UWP titles and apps to the Xbox One Console by pairing it with a Visual Studio build. This is the console testing option for Xbox Live Creators Program Developers. You will not be able to test XDK games on a retail Xbox One console.

Xbox Development kit testing: Managed Partners

Managed Partners have the option to purchase an Xbox developer kit from the Xbox Dev Store, which is only accessible to those with managed developer accounts. Xbox developer kits will allow you to load XDK games to the console for testing, UWP games can also be tested by dev kit. Developer kits come with hardware options and testing features that allow for more in-depth performance testing and console management.

To begin your journey with the Xbox developer kit, see Getting Started with Xbox One Development on the Managed Partner documentation site. This documentation is only accessible to Managed Partners.