Test Cases for Deployment and General Functionality

Areas and Items to Test Details Applicability
Application setup under different language environments Install on a platform where the UI language of the operating system does not match the language of the application; verify with different language settings that do not match. Verify the ability of the application to work with localized operating-system objects. Choose a language that is deeply localized. If the application implements an language-switching behavior, make sure its UI language follows the UI language of the operating system. All applications; if the application implements language-switching functionality, make sure the default UI language of the application follows the UI language of the operating system.
General functionality with various language settings Verify that the code does not have unwanted language settings dependencies. All applications
Uninstalling the application with different language settings Make sure that language settings that were active when the application was installed are different from those set at the time when the application is uninstalled. All applications
For legacy systems: Application setup on an operating system with MUI installed and where user's default UI language is different from English Verify the behavior in a multilingual environment where the UI language is defined by rules different from those of the older systems. Change the system and user locales to verify multilingual abilities of the UI. All applications; applications that implement MUI behavior must undergo testing that is even more extensive.
For legacy systems: Multiplatform installation Applications that need to be installable on multiple platforms should call code page-based code for installation on downlevel platforms. Make sure the UI that is displayed is not compromised on platforms with nondefault language settings. Unicode-based applications must work properly with different system-locale settings. No change in the user-locale settings or the user's UI language preferences should cause functionality or display problems. Applications that target downlevel platforms or communicate with legacy systems