Audio facet

The Audio resource groups audio-related properties on an item into a single structure.

If a DriveItem has a non-null audio facet, the item represents an audio file. The properties of the Audio resource are populated by extracting metadata from the file.

JSON representation

  "album": "string",
  "albumArtist": "string",
  "artist": "string",
  "bitrate": 128,
  "composers": "string",
  "copyright": "string",
  "disc": 0,
  "discCount": 0,
  "duration": 567,
  "genre": "string",
  "hasDrm": false,
  "isVariableBitrate": false,
  "title": "string",
  "track": 1,
  "trackCount": 16,
  "year": 2014


Property name Type Description
album string The title of the album for this audio file.
albumArtist string The artist named on the album for the audio file.
artist string The performing artist for the audio file.
bitrate Int64 Bitrate expressed in kbps.
composers string The name of the composer of the audio file.
copyright string Copyright information for the audio file.
disc Int16 The number of the disc this audio file came from.
discCount Int16 The total number of discs in this album.
duration Int64 Duration of the audio file, expressed in milliseconds
genre string The genre of this audio file.
hasDrm boolean Indicates if the file is protected with digital rights management.
isVariableBitrate boolean Indicates if the file is encoded with a variable bitrate.
title string The title of the audio file.
track Int32 The number of the track on the original disc for this audio file.
trackCount Int32 The total number of tracks on the original disc for this audio file.
year Int32 The year the audio file was recorded.


For more information about the facets on a DriveItem, see DriveItem.