hardwareInformation resource type

Namespace: microsoft.graph

Important: Microsoft Graph APIs under the /beta version are subject to change; production use is not supported.

Note: The Microsoft Graph API for Intune requires an active Intune license for the tenant.

Hardware information of a given device.


Property Type Description
serialNumber String Serial number.
totalStorageSpace Int64 Total storage space of the device.
freeStorageSpace Int64 Free storage space of the device.
imei String IMEI
meid String MEID
manufacturer String Manufacturer of the device
model String Model of the device
phoneNumber String Phone number of the device
subscriberCarrier String Subscriber carrier of the device
cellularTechnology String Cellular technology of the device
wifiMac String WiFi MAC address of the device
operatingSystemLanguage String Operating system language of the device
isSupervised Boolean Supervised mode of the device
isEncrypted Boolean Encryption status of the device
batterySerialNumber String The serial number of the device’s current battery
batteryHealthPercentage Int32 The device’s current battery’s health percentage. Valid values 0 to 100
batteryChargeCycles Int32 The number of charge cycles the device’s current battery has gone through. Valid values 0 to 2147483647
isSharedDevice Boolean Shared iPad
sharedDeviceCachedUsers sharedAppleDeviceUser collection All users on the shared Apple device
tpmSpecificationVersion String String that specifies the specification version.
operatingSystemEdition String String that specifies the OS edition.
deviceFullQualifiedDomainName String Returns the fully qualified domain name of the device (if any). If the device is not domain-joined, it returns an empty string.
deviceGuardVirtualizationBasedSecurityHardwareRequirementState deviceGuardVirtualizationBasedSecurityHardwareRequirementState Virtualization-based security hardware requirement status. Possible values are: meetHardwareRequirements, secureBootRequired, dmaProtectionRequired, hyperVNotSupportedForGuestVM, hyperVNotAvailable.
deviceGuardVirtualizationBasedSecurityState deviceGuardVirtualizationBasedSecurityState Virtualization-based security status. . Possible values are: running, rebootRequired, require64BitArchitecture, notLicensed, notConfigured, doesNotMeetHardwareRequirements, other.
deviceGuardLocalSystemAuthorityCredentialGuardState deviceGuardLocalSystemAuthorityCredentialGuardState Local System Authority (LSA) credential guard status. . Possible values are: running, rebootRequired, notLicensed, notConfigured, virtualizationBasedSecurityNotRunning.
osBuildNumber String Operating System Build Number on Android device
operatingSystemProductType Int32 Int that specifies the Windows Operating System ProductType. More details here https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2126950. Valid values 0 to 2147483647
ipAddressV4 String IPAddressV4
subnetAddress String SubnetAddress
esimIdentifier String eSIM identifier
systemManagementBIOSVersion String BIOS version as reported by SMBIOS
tpmManufacturer String The identifying information that uniquely names the TPM manufacturer
tpmVersion String The version of the TPM, as specified by the manufacturer



JSON Representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.hardwareInformation",
  "serialNumber": "String",
  "totalStorageSpace": 1024,
  "freeStorageSpace": 1024,
  "imei": "String",
  "meid": "String",
  "manufacturer": "String",
  "model": "String",
  "phoneNumber": "String",
  "subscriberCarrier": "String",
  "cellularTechnology": "String",
  "wifiMac": "String",
  "operatingSystemLanguage": "String",
  "isSupervised": true,
  "isEncrypted": true,
  "batterySerialNumber": "String",
  "batteryHealthPercentage": 1024,
  "batteryChargeCycles": 1024,
  "isSharedDevice": true,
  "sharedDeviceCachedUsers": [
      "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.sharedAppleDeviceUser",
      "userPrincipalName": "String",
      "dataToSync": true,
      "dataQuota": 1024,
      "dataUsed": 1024
  "tpmSpecificationVersion": "String",
  "operatingSystemEdition": "String",
  "deviceFullQualifiedDomainName": "String",
  "deviceGuardVirtualizationBasedSecurityHardwareRequirementState": "String",
  "deviceGuardVirtualizationBasedSecurityState": "String",
  "deviceGuardLocalSystemAuthorityCredentialGuardState": "String",
  "osBuildNumber": "String",
  "operatingSystemProductType": 1024,
  "ipAddressV4": "String",
  "subnetAddress": "String",
  "esimIdentifier": "String",
  "systemManagementBIOSVersion": "String",
  "tpmManufacturer": "String",
  "tpmVersion": "String"