ListInfo resource

The listInfo complex type provides additional information about a list.

JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "contentTypesEnabled": false,
  "hidden": false,
  "template": "documentLibrary | genericList | tasks | survey | links | announcements | contacts | ..."


Property name Type Description
contentTypesEnabled Boolean If true, indicates that content types are enabled for this list.
hidden Boolean If true, indicates that the list is not normally visible in the SharePoint user experience.
template String An enumerated value that represents the base list template used in creating the list. Possible values include documentLibrary, genericList, task, survey, announcements, contacts, and more.


While most lists created by users will have one of the values listed above, other values are possible as well. Your app should be prepared to handle any values that are not listed here. For developers familiar with SharePoint's CSOM APIs, the template value corresponds to the SPListTemplateType enumeration.