organizationalBrandingProperties resource type


Adding custom branding requires you to use Azure Active Directory Premium 1, Premium 2, or Basic editions, or to have a Microsoft 365 license. For more information about licensing and editions, see Sign up for Azure AD Premium.

Azure AD Premium and Basic editions are available for customers in China using the worldwide instance of Azure Active Directory. Azure AD Premium and Basic editions aren't currently supported in the Azure service operated by 21Vianet in China. For more information, talk to us using the Azure Active Directory Forum.

Contains details about the organization's branding.

Organizations can customize their Azure AD sign-in pages which appear when users sign in to their organization's tenant-specific apps, or when Azure AD identifies the user's tenant from their username. A developer can also read the company's branding information and customize their app experience to tailor it specifically for the signed-in user using their company's branding.

Companies can add different branding based on locale. Locale serves as a key in all requests.

Note: Branding is exposed as a property under organization with a collection of locale-specific localizations. organizationalBrandingProperties is an abstract class which defines properties for organizationalBranding.


Method Return Type Description
Create organizationalBrandingProperties Create organizational branding with organizationalBrandingProperties object.
Get organizationalBrandingProperties Read properties and relationships of organizationalBrandingProperties object.
Update organizationalBrandingProperties Update organizationalBrandingProperties object.
Delete None Delete organizationalBrandingProperties object.


Property Type Description
backgroundColor String Color that will appear in place of the background image in low-bandwidth connections. The primary color of your banner logo or your organization color is recommended to be used here. Specify this in hexadecimal (for example, white is #FFFFFF).
backgroundImage Stream Image that appears as the background of the sign in page. .png or .jpg not larger than 1920x1080 and smaller than 300kb. A smaller image will reduce bandwidth requirements and make page loads more performant.
bannerLogo Stream A banner version of your company logo which appears appears on the sign-in page. .png or .jpg no larger than 36x245px. We recommend using a transparent image with no padding around the logo.
id String This is an id, inherited from microsoft.graph.entity, is the locale specifying the ISO 639 standard for language, for example English is "en-us" or "en". Going forward if we expose functionality to have multiple brandings for one locale, this can be changed. Note that id for Default /branding is always 'und' until we have keyless singletons. Read-only.
signInPageText String Text that appears at the bottom of the sign-in box. You can use this to communicate additional information, such as the phone number to your help desk or a legal statement. This text must be Unicode and not exceed 1024 characters.
squareLogo Stream Square version of your company logo. This appears in Windows 10 out-of-box (OOBE) experiences and when Windows Autopilot is enabled for deployment. .png or .jpg no larger than 240x240px and no more than 10kb in size. We recommend using a transparent image with no padding around the logo.
usernameHintText String String that shows as the hint in the username textbox on the sign in screen. This text must be Unicode, without links or code, and can't exceed 64 characters.



JSON representation

The following is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "backgroundColor": "String",
  "backgroundImage": "Stream",
  "bannerLogo": "Stream",
  "id": "String (identifier)",
  "signInPageText": "String",
  "squareLogo": "Stream",
  "usernameHintText": "String"