Azure AD Privileged Identity Management

Important: APIs under the /beta version in Microsoft Graph are in preview and are subject to change. Use of these APIs in production applications is not supported.

Here is the list of methods that are provided by Privileged Identity Management service.

The service is built on top of OData. To filter the results from the query, use the standard OData $filter expressions in the URIs.


Method Return Type Description
List privilegedOperationEvent privilegedOperationEvent collection Get privilegedOperationEvent object collection.
Get privilegedRole privilegedRole Get a privilegedRole object.
List privilegedRole privilegedRole collection Get privilegedRole object collection.
List role assignments privilegedRoleAssignment collection Get privilegedRoleAssignment collection for the particular role. Each privilegedRoleAssignment represents a role assignment to a user.
selfActivate privilegedRoleAssignment Activate the role that is assigned to the requestor.
selfDeactivate privilegedRoleAssignment Deactivate the role that is assigned to the requestor.
Create privilegedRoleAssignment privilegedRoleAssignment Create a new privilegedRoleAssignment (role assignment) by posting to the privilegedRoleAssignments collection.
List privilegedRoleAssignment privilegedRoleAssignment collection Get privilegedRoleAssignment object collection. The collection contains all role assignments for the organization. Each privilegedRoleAssignment represents a role assignment to a user.
Get privilegedRoleAssignment privilegedRoleAssignment Get privilegedRoleAssignment object with the specified assignment id.
Delete privilegedRoleAssignment None. Delete privilegedRoleAssignment object.
makePermanent privilegedRoleAssignment Make the role assignment as permanent.
makeEligible privilegedRoleAssignment Make the role assignment as eligible.
my privilegedRoleAssignment collection Get the requestor's role assignments.
Get privilegedRoleSettings privilegedRoleSettings Retrieve the properties of privilegedRoleSettings object.
Get privilegedRoleSummary privilegedRoleSummary Retrieve the privilegedRoleSummary object.
Get privilegedApproval privilegedApproval Get a privilegedApproval object.
List privilegedApproval privilegedApproval collection Get privilegedApproval object collection.
Create privilegedApproval privilegedApproval Create privilegedApproval object.
Update privilegedApproval privilegedApproval Update privilegedApproval object.
myrequests privilegedApproval collection Get the requestor's approval requests.