Working with Microsoft 365 usage reports in Microsoft Graph

With Microsoft Graph, you can access Microsoft 365 usage reports resources to get the information about how people in your business are using Microsoft 365 services. For example, you can identify who is using a service a lot and reaching quotas, or who might not need a Microsoft 365 license at all.

For details about the settings that govern identification/de-identification of information in the Microsoft 365 usage reports data, see Microsoft 365 Reports in the admin center .


Microsoft Graph controls access to resources via permissions. You must specify the permissions you need in order to access Reports resources. Typically, you specify permissions in the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) portal. For more information, see Microsoft Graph permissions reference and Reports permissions.

What's new

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Next steps

Reports resources and APIs can open up new ways for you to engage with users and manage their experiences with Microsoft Graph. To learn more:

  • Drill down on the methods and properties of the resources most helpful to your scenario.
  • Try the API in the Graph Explorer.

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