Use the Microsoft Graph API to get change notifications

The Microsoft Graph REST API uses a webhook mechanism to deliver change notifications to clients. A client is a web service that configures its own URL to receive notifications. Client apps use notifications to update their state upon changes. For more details, including how to subscribe to and handle incoming notifications, see Set up notifications for changes in user data.

Using the Microsoft Graph API, an app can subscribe to changes on the following resources:


In general, subscription operations require read permission to the resource. For example, to get notifications for messages, your app needs the Mail.Read permission. The create subscription article lists permissions needed for each resource type. The following table lists the types of permissions your app can request to use webhooks for specific resource types.

Permission type Supported resource types
Delegated - work or school account alert, contact, conversation, driveItem, event, group, message, user
Delegated - personal Microsoft account contact, driveItem, event, message
Application alert, contact, driveItem, event, group, message, user

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