Login component in the Microsoft Graph Toolkit

A Login component is a button and flyout control to facilitate Microsoft identity platform authentication. It provides two states:

  • When user is not signed in, the control is a simple button to initiate the sign in process.
  • When user is signed in, the control displays the current signed in user name, profile image, and email. When clicked, a flyout is opened with a command to sign out.


jsfiddle example


Using the control without an authentication provider

The component works with a provider and Microsoft Graph out of the box. However, if you want to provide your own logic and authentication, you can use the userDetails property to set the signed in user's details.

Attribute Property Description
user-details userDetails Set the user object that will be displayed on the control.

The following example sets the person details.

let loginControl = document.getElementById('myLoginControl');
loginControl.userDetails = {
    displayName: 'Nikola Metulev',
    email: 'nikola@contoso.com',
    profileImage: 'url'

Setting userDetails to null will go to the signed out state.

Use the loginInitiated and logoutInitiated events to handle signing in and out.

CSS custom properties

The mgt-login component defines the following CSS custom properties.

mgt-login {
  --font-size: 14px;
  --font-weight: 600;
  --height: '100%';
  --margin: 0;
  --padding: 12px 20px;
  --color: #201f1e;
  --color-hover: var(--theme-primary-color);
  --background-color: transparent;
  --background-color--hover: #edebe9;
  --popup-content-background-color: white;
  --popup-command-font-size: 12px;
  --popup-color: #201f1e;

To learn more, see styling components.


The following events are fired from the control.

Event Description
loginInitiated The user clicked the sign in button to start the login process - cancelable.
loginCompleted the login process was successful and the user is now signed in.
loginFailed The user canceled the login process or was unable to sign in.
logoutInitiated The user started to logout - cancelable.
logoutCompleted The user signed out.

Microsoft Graph permissions

This component uses the Person component to display the user and inherits all permissions.


The login control uses the global authentication provider described in the authentication documentation.