Microsoft HoloLens in the enterprise: requirements and FAQ

When you develop for HoloLens, there are system requirements and tools that you need. In an enterprise environment, there are also a few requirements to use and manage HoloLens which are listed below.


General use

  • Microsoft account or Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account
  • Wi-Fi network to set up HoloLens


After you set up HoloLens, you can use it offline with some limitations.

Supported wireless network EAP methods

  • TLS

Device management

  • Users have Azure AD accounts with Intune license assigned
  • Wi-Fi network
  • Intune or a 3rd party mobile device management (MDM) provider that uses Microsoft MDM APIs

Upgrade to Windows Holographic for Business

  • HoloLens Enterprise license XML file

FAQ for HoloLens

Is Windows Hello for Business supported on HoloLens?

Windows Hello for Business (using a PIN to sign in) is supported for HoloLens. To allow Windows Hello for Business PIN sign-in on HoloLens:

  1. The HoloLens device must be managed by MDM.
  2. You must enable Windows Hello for Business for the device. (See instructions for Microsoft Intune.)
  3. On HoloLens, the user can then set up a PIN from Settings > Sign-in Options > Add PIN.


Users who sign in with a Microsoft account can also set up a PIN in Settings > Sign-in Options > Add PIN. This PIN is associated with Windows Hello, rather than Windows Hello for Business.

Does the type of account change the sign-in behavior?

Yes, the behavior for the type of account impacts the sign-in behavior. If you apply policies for sign-in, the policy is always respected. If no policy for sign-in is applied, these are the default behaviors for each account type.

  • Microsoft account: signs in automatically
  • Local account: always asks for password, not configurable in Settings
  • Azure AD: asks for password by default; configurable by Settings to no longer ask for password.


Inactivity timers are currently not supported, which means that the AllowIdleReturnWithoutPassword policy is respected only when the device goes into StandBy.

How do I remove a HoloLens device from the Intune dashboard?

You cannot unenroll HoloLens from Intune remotely. If the administrator unenrolls the device using MDM, the device will age out of the Intune dashboard.

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