Verifying Remote Administration

by Walter Oliver


An important characteristic of Shared Hosting with IIS is that Hosters can empower their users to administer their sites remotely as described in IIS Management and Administration. This article provides hosters with a set of steps to verify that the Remote Administration user experience is indeed enabled.

User Experience Verification



  1. Within a Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, or Windows Vista computer run InetMgr.exe.
  2. From the Connections pane select Connect to Site:
  3. Enter the Server and Site names and press next:
  4. Enter the User Credentials and press next:
  5. Enter a name for your Connection:
  6. A dialog listing the new available IIS Manager Modules should be displayed, press OK to install the new modules:
  7. After installation of the new modules IIS Manager will display the modules available, the example below has the Database Manager highlighted.


This article described the steps to verify that the Delegated Administration User Experience is enabled.